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Q. What’s the purpose of V4V?
A. To gather together Vermont neighbors in each town for weekly face-to-face conversation and mutual aid planning.

Q. What is “mutual aid”?
A. During the early years of the Great Depression, when federal and state governments abandoned support for ordinary people, towns and urban neighborhoods  organized “mutual aid networks” for community planning, neighborly assistance, mutual  support, and regular encouragement.

Q. Who runs V4V?
A. V4V is powered by the courage and commitment of every participating Vermonter, as well as the spirit of Vermont’s “live and live let live” tolerance as embodied in Vermont’s motto: “freedom and unity."

Q. Is V4V a political organization?
A. V4V is not formally affiliated with any political party, political ideology, or any “ism” of any kind.

Q. How can Vermonters get  involved in V4V?
A. Organize and attend a gathering in your town, ideally in a public space. Make a V4V donation. Buy a GMB flag. Share our V4V initiative in your networks. Show up.

Q. Explain the hashtags - #MutualAidVT, ViralResistanceVT, #TeamHumanVT, #VCHIP.
A. We define “MutualAidVT” above. #ViralResistanceVT and “TeamHumanVT” both refer to Vermonters willing to rise above political and ideological tribalism to talk and work together on a 2nd Vermont Republic - a constitutional human independence party - in our Green Mountains,

Frequently Asked Questions

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